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Choosing Your Invitation Paper

Different Types Of Invitation Paper For Any Type Of Invitation Or Occasion

When it comes to making your own invitations many are paralyzed right form the start by figuring out which kind of paper should be used. There is so much to choose from! Different types of paper, but then there are the different colors, textures, not to mention different weights (or thickness). I recommend using a good solid cardstock as the base of your invitation. The less you intend to do to your invitation the thicker the paper should be. For example, did you create your own invitations on your computer or maybe purchased one of our printable templates, and all your really want to do is print it and trim it to size? Then search out a very heavy weight cardstock that will stand alone and stay strong while being sent through the mail.

Do you plan to layer many paper? Or maybe you plan to use a nice handmade or silk paper? Go with a bit of a lighter weight cardstock so that your finished project will not be too bulky. Adding charms or heavy embellishments? Go thick!

Different Types Of Invitation Paper

Cardstock - Cardstock is a must for making your own invitations. It is the invitation paper. But there are so many types of cardstock available out there, not to mention the different weight. Generally the higher the weight of the paper the thicker it is. You can find these papers in a myriad of colors and even with textures, and metallic and pearlescent finishes.

Decorative or Patterned Paper - Decorative and patterned papers are abundantly available these days due to a rise in arts and crafts activities, paper crafts, scrapbooking, and cardmaking. These are designer papers with patterns and designs printed onto them. Many have themes, and characters, as well as several coordinating papers that can even come sold in packs. These coordinated papers can make creating the most stylish of handmade invitations and paper crafts with ease.

Handmade Paper - Handmade papers generally have a rougher texture and are not made to be printed onto. In some cases you may get away with stamping or silk screening an image or graphic onto a handmade invitation paper. Although, when it comes to the invitation wording I would recommend printing onto a sheet of vellum and layering the papers together. You can also use handmade paper as a kind of sleeve to wrap around your printed invitation and top it off with a bow. Handmade papers are usually sold in full sized large sheets of which you will need to cut to size yourself, or have them cut for you. They can be found made from different types of fibers, as well as infused with everything form silk and metallic threads, flower petals, leaves, seeds, and sometimes they are even embroidered.

Cotton Archival Paper - Archival papers are made to withstand the test of time. These high quality papers are made out of 100% cotton, acid free paper. The idea is that whatever you print onto them will not fade as well as the paper itself will hold true for many years to come. If you know that your family and friends will be the type to hold on to your wedding or other event invitations, you may want to incorporate this type of paper into your invitations, wedding programs, or wedding or party favors.

Pocketfold Invitations - Pocketfold invitations are a cardstock pocket made to hold not only an invitation but also any accoutrements to the invitation such as an RSVP, or a map or directions card. This type of invitation paper is very popular as a choice for posh events like a wedding invitation or a very fancy quinceanera.

Pochette Invitation Paper - Pochettes are a bit like a pocketfold as they enclose the invitation wording, but these can be used for just about any event. You can dress them up and down! I have seen them used form everything from a Save The Date invitation, to a baby shower, and even a 1 year old's birthday party. They are shaped like leaves or petals closing in around your invitation wording. You can simply fold the petals together, or you can wrap a bow around to keep it shut.

Invitation Paper

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Did you know?

The weight of a paper actually refers to it's thickness. Paper thickness is measured in pounds. How many "pounds" a certain paper is actually means how many pounds an entire ream of raw uncut paper weighs.

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