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Create a Custom Thank You Card
Easy DIY Ideas To Say THanks In Style

custom thank you card

Ideas to Create a DIY Custom Thank You Card

The Thank you cards I created for this page are some of the most simple designs I could come up with. Really anyone could make these cards. When it comes to making a custom thank you card it really is the thought that matters. Whomever you give these cards to will know that you really put some thought and effort into it. With that much effort you must really mean it, huh? :-)

Like I said, this is a simple template. Your job is to mix and match colors, patterns, embellishments, and ideas to come up with a style that fits best with your style. Whether that be to say "thanks for coming to my party", "thanks for that great gift", or maybe just "thanks for being such a good friend", you will say it with style and sincerity. <> OK, really this is easy so I'm not going to write it out in numbered steps. I will just explain it to you the best I can...

simple handmade thank you card Start by choosing a good 8 1/2 by 11" cardstock paper. You can use basic white but a lot of office supply stores, as well as arts and crafts stores carry a good variety of different colored cardstock.

The arts and craft store will probably even have cardstock with a pearlescent or metallic finish if you want to really glam it up.

Next take your cardstock and cut it in half. It doesn't really matter which way you cut it, vertically or horizontally. Either way you can still make a card out of it. I recommend using a good personal paper cutter to cut the paper.

Once you have cut it in half take the two halves of paper and fold them each in half. You may want to score them before folding, as well.

This creates a simple folded card. You can make two custom thank you cards out of one sheet of cardstock!

Now you'll want to hit the computer to create the "thank you" text for the front of the card. If you want you could even print a message for the inside too, but I think hand writing your note means more.

Most of us have some sort of word processing software on our computers. Or at least something suitable. You really don't need anything fancy!

But if you don't, for this project you can can download Open Office Suite for free.

Once you have a program document open, simply type in the words "Thank You" or whatever you wish to say and print it. To be a bit more technical, I reccommend dividing the page into two columns and then typing the words in the columns far apart from each other. Also make sure and center the text so that it will look nice when you cut it out.

Another tip: If you want to use some really cool or special fonts try out 1001 Free Fonts or Dafont.

After you have typed your words you will then print them out onto plain white printer paper. Use your paper cutter to cut the "thank you" text out from the white paper. If you set the text up into columns and centered it then you will have a point of reference of where to cut the paper. Most softwares ask you how many inches wide you want the columns to be, so you know how wide you should cut the paper, right?

Otherwise just try to cut it out centered as best as possible. You can always trim the edges to make it even.

Now use a glue runner or glue stick to attach the paper to the front of the cards.

kids thank you cards Now here's where the customize part comes into your custom thank you cards!

On to the decorations! Why are you sending the thank you cards? Did you throw a birthday party and you want to thank everyone for the great gifts they brought? Decorate the cards with balloons, candles, or birthday cakes!

Or are you making them because someone did a really nice favor for you or made a nice gesture. Make the thank you cards pretty with flowers, leaves, or birds. The easiest way to create these kind of decorations fast is to use a paper punch. Paper punches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and they allow you to really get creative. Try mixing a couple of different shapes. Or punch your shapes out of some nice decorative paper to give it that little extra jazz. Get creative!

More ideas to make custom thank you cards...

  • Go a little further than simple paper punches. Think outside of the box. Like how I added a little bit of thread to the balloon punches in the birthday thank you card pictured above.
  • For a more elegant card affix decorative paper over the entire front of the card and then add your thank you text. The nice paper will give the card a touch of class.
  • Add a photo to the inside or front of the card for added sentimentality.

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