,l; Using Paper Crafts and Scrapbook Supplies to Make Invitations

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Using Paper Crafts and Scrapbook Supplies Making Invitations

Using scrapbook supplies and paper crafts is a great way to add a few extra special finishing touches to your invitations. If you catch me out shopping for card making supplies than you are bound to find me at the local craft store in the scrapbook supplies aisle. There are so many great tools found in this aisle that are just as good for card making as for scrapbooking! Here are some that I find the most useful or just fun to use!

* Paper Edgers (Decorative scissors) These are scissors in which the blades have a decorative pattern. When you cut into your paper they leave this pattern on the edge. You can find them in a variety of different patterns as well.

*Craft paper punches. These punch holes in different shapes and sizes.More about paper punches and where to buy them online... *Corner punches or shapers. These punches will make a corner rounded or punch a decorative pattern onto the corner.

*Background papers. These are the many different patterned papers you will find in the scrapbook supplies aisle. You can buy them by the sheet or in books. More about decorative papers...

*Photo corners. These are paper triangles with a little adhesive on the back designed to hold photos onto a page without having to apply glue to them. These are good if you want to send everyone a small photo, say, on a wedding thank you card, or baby announcement.

*Die-cuts and Die-cut machines. Die-cutting machines are used to punch paper into different shapes to apply as an embellishment to paper. You can apply different templates to one machine to get many different shapes. There are some machines designed to hook up to your computer like a printer in order to punch any shape or font, or simply insert a cartridge to choose different shapes, alphabets, and sizes.

*Stickers and rub-ons. These are an item that could possibly run you into a bit more of an expensive invitation than you bargained for. that all depends on how many you need to make of course. They are for someone who definitely likes to go a little more elaborate in design.

*Adhesive machines. These are machines that apply an adhesive to the back of any paper you run through it. It allows you to create a sticker out of anything you want! These are one of my favorites and are very cool.

*Rubber stamps. Well this speaks for itself. To make it a little more creative use different colored inks, or even embossing inks!

Other embellishments would include ribbon, eyelets, and brads. Art pens & stencils! Even fabric or yarn! Think outside of the box and let your imagination run wild!

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