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Free Party Invitation Templates:
Unique Owl Invitations

printable owl invitationsI created these free party invitation templates with Halloween in mind as it creeps around the corner. But these cute and unique owl invitations could certainly be used for just about any kind of party or even as a cute greeting card. The inside text can be customized and personalized to your hearts desire.

Stay tuned as I will be adding more of this same template but in different color choices and with different patterns as well. If you have a specific color palette in mind don't hesitate to drop me a line! I may just decide to create it for you!

How To Print And Create Owl Invitations
With These Free Party Invitation Templates

This file is created with the intention of printing the owl invitations as a 2-sided invitation. So yeah - it can get a little tricky.

I included two backing sheet files. One is for a more precise invitation. The other is the easy-way-out for those who really do not want to fiddle with their printers too much. I hear ya!

  • print your own 2-sided owl invitation templates

  • easy to use, no hassle backing sheet for the owl templates

    To Print 2-sided Owl Invitations
    Both of the pages on the free party invitation templates are perfectly centered from top to bottom and left to right. So in theory you should be able to simply print both sides and have everything line up exactly. THan all you have to do is trim the invites from the page, fold the wings in and you're pretty much done.

    But of course it's never quite that easy. Printers these days have all sorts of nifty settings that throw the alignments waaaay off! So you will need to make sure and poke around in your printer preferences and settings to make sure everything is honkey-dorey.

    1. look for any setting that shows "page scaling" and shut it off.

    2. Auto-rotate and center should be turned off.

    I recommend printing off a few test copies to experiment with what works best. Once you are able to get a perfect copy it is time to print the rest off!

    My favorite paper for printing most any of the free party invitation templates on this website is 110 lb. white cardstock.

    Trimming The Invitations From The Paper
    After printing the owl invitation templates you will need to then go about trimming the invites from the page.

    I actually made mine by simply using a small pair of craft scissors and carefully trimming the edges. They came out quite nice. It is slightly time consuming, but if you have a helper it won't be so bad.

    Many of my readers are fans of personal die cutting machines, myself included. With a little bit of experimenting you should be able to have these trimmed using your die cutting machine as well. I have included a couple different file types for those who wish to try out cutting these on your die cutter.

  • owl invitation GIF for Silhouette users

  • SVG file for Sure Cuts Alot Users

    free party invitation templates owl

    To finish the Own invitations I folded the wings inward and punched two small holes adjacent each other and threaded an orange ribbon through to tie in a bow. Of course, this step is completely optional. They will work just as well wit the wings simply folded over.

    Well I hope you enjoy these free party invitation templates!

    I have had a HUGE response from all of you about these owl invitations. I'm so glad you all love them! So I tried to cover as many of the most common colors everyone seems to be requesting and posted the new owl invitation templates at this page: Owl Themed free party invitation templates for a kids birthday party or shower. Enjoy!

  • Halloween Printables

    More Color Options!

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