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Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

dinosaur birthday invitationsMy little guy is just obsessed with all things dinosaur. So these dinosaur birthday invitations were the perfect idea for an invite to a dino party that none of our friends will ever forget!

These egg invites are made using actual eggs! I cleverly rolled up a small invite scroll and tucked it into an actual quail egg that I emptied myself. The recipient must crack the egg open to get to the message.

I know, I know... it's almost way over the top! But my little guy is just soooo into dinosaurs... it was too cool to pass up! And it is really not as hard to do as it seems. My kiddos LOVED helping me make them. And I even added a template and printable box to make it all that much easier for you all to replicate. Enjoy!

How To Make Dinosaur Egg Invitations

Step One: Start by printing out the box template, as well as the wording for your dinosaur birthday invitations.

The box template can be printed onto just about any paper. I chose to use a card stock heavy weight Kraft paper. You could also use plain old card stock, or even print onto the back of some scrapbooking paper.

dinosaur invitations box template

I also provided a template for printing out the wording for the box labels and the inside wording insert. The files are printed as a PDF and can also be used to add your own wording and even change the fonts and sizes of the type. To change the type just highlight the text and press Control and E at the same time (Command key for Mac users). This will bring up a typing tool palette for you to use.

Print the templates and use a good paper trimmer or even scissors to carefully trim out the pieces.

Step Two: Hand blown eggs! Yes, you can do this!

Start by making a small pinhole on both sides of the eggs. I used quail eggs. You can buy them at many grocery stores in ethnic refridgerator sections.

dino egg invitations

dino egg invitations

Blow into either one of the holes to create a bit of pressure. Once the egg starts to drip out the opposite end the rest will come out rather quickly. Once all of the egg yolk is out leave the shell to dry for an hour or so.

Step Three: Assemble the box! The template is pretty self explanatory. Cut the box out where the lines are solid. Fold on the dotted lines. Glue the end seam to hold it shut, and on the flaps on the bottom as well, if you wish to.

Fill the box with fake easter grass, or moss, or shredded paper. Whatever works for you!

Glue the included labels to the inside lid and outside too.

Step Four: Cut and roll the invitation insert paper so that it becomes a tiny scroll. Insert the end of the paper into one of the holes on the end of the pre-blown egg.

place the egg inside of the box and you are done!

Ta-da! You've got yourself some awesome dinosaur bithday invitations that noone will ever forget!

dinosaur egg invitations

I recommend hand delivering these babies, or make sure and padd them with bubble wrap inside another small box to pop them in the mail.

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